Today is my 30th birthday!  Wow.  I mean it’s not like sweet 16, or turning 21.

One of my favorite movies is 13 Going On Thirty, and the best thing about it (other than the Thriller dance!) is that it made it exciting to turn 30 (for a woman at least!).

And while I can’t say I’ve waited my whole life for this day, I have decided to embrace my thirties and look ahead for what God has for me.  I also want to take the time to reflect on the last thirty years and all the significant (and not so significant) things in my life.

Wow, 30- it’s still sinking in.

30 Random Facts about Me.
– Moved across the country 4 times.
– Managed to grow up in the South and not have a southern accent.
– I was always one of the shortest kids in the class.  I think I still am.
– I used to sip my grandfather’s coffee when I was a little girl.
– Had to get stitches 4 times, never broke a bone.
– Dreamed of being an olympic gymnast when I was 8.
– Received an award for reading the most books when I was in 4th grade.
– Didn’t read another book again until I graduated college.
– Attended the same Christian school till I was 18.
– Captain of the cheerleading squad.
– At 14, wanted to be a lawyer.
– Began a personal relationship w/ Christ on Aug. 20th, 1997.
– Voted most athletic in high school.
– At 18, I wanted to be a politician.
– I’m not a morning person- my mind works best after 8pm.
– Had 10 jobs between 15-21 including working at a sushi bar.
– Don’t like sushi.
– I love drinking coffee.
– Learned you could meet friends at 18 and feel like you’ve known them your whole life.
– I was studying abroad in Oxford, England on my 20th birthday.
– Have no memory of my 10th birthday.
– I’ve traveled to 12 countries, but I’ve never been to Mexico or Canada.
– Graduated w/ a B.A. degree in Humanities from Charleston Southern University Dec. 2001.  What is humanities?  Still trying to figure that one out.
– Realized after I graduated that I would be in ministry would be my life for the rest of my life.
– Did I mention I love coffee?
– Lost a dear friend April 3rd, 2003.
– Fell in love w/ Filipe…& Brazil.  Married him April 5th, 2003.
– Have 3 amazing children.
– Not a pet-lover.
– Started a blog in 2007.

Filipe and I were talking the other night about my birthday.  I mentioned that one thing I like about this year is that I feel like I know myself better now than any other time in my life.

Thirties, here I come!

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