Being a mom of a toddler (& a baby!), I’m constantly working with Lily to teach her new things- abc’s, numbers, colors, etc. In our family we have an added bonus-we’re working hard to teach our girls Portuguese, since that is Filipe’s first language. I definately don’t speak it fluently, but I can understand quite a bit and can speak a little.
This past week Lily has been doing sooo… good! She started saying “eu amo papai” & “eu amo mamae” which means I love dad & I love mom. I’m not sure if she really knows what it means yet, but that’s okay, saying it is good enough for now!
Another thing I’ve been doing with her is reading a book together called, “Ten Little Ladybugs”. It’s in English of course, but on each page I count the ladybugs with her in Portuguese. Yesterday she started counting to 10 in Portuguese- by herself! I was so excited! It felt good to know that my hard work and repetition has paid off a little. Now I can keep going and know that she is taking some of it in…yay!!!
Here are a few pics of the girls…

Lily being sweet.

Lily’s first ponytail.

Cailyn having fun.

Cailyn likes her new bumbo seat. She’s 4 months old today.

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