There are so many voices coming at us every day. 

They come from family, friends, and co-workers.  Television, news, and movies.  Blogs, websites, and books.  The list can keep going and going…

They tell us what to think, how to feel, and who we need to know.  They give us encouragement, make us frustrated, and can fill our minds with doubt. 

As I was reflecting on this yesterday morning, I began to question the things I read and people I listen to wondering if I was over doing it- just a little.  In that moment I felt the Lord impress something on my heart.  “Just make sure MY voice is louder and clearer than all the others.”

Which led me to the next question for myself which was, “what is God saying to me?”. NOT what is he saying to Beth Moore or Erwin McManus or Mark Driscoll, or Andy Stanley, but me.  Straight to me from His Word, from His Mouth. 

So, my question to you is, What is God saying to you?  Can you hear Him above all the others?

(In my next post I’ll share my answer.)

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