Well, it seems any moment this little boy will make his appearance…and I’m ready!  Since we didn’t do anything to get ready for this new baby until after the holidays, I was a little nervous that things wouldn’t be ready for his arrival.  Up until a week ago I didn’t even have clothes or diapers for him if we were to have to go to the hospital in a moments notice. 

But I finally finished everything I wanted to do, and now it’s waiting time- which is the hardest part!  I’ve had contractions on and off for about three weeks now, and over the past few days they show up in the evening time for about an hour…and then subside.  It’s so hard waiting and then wondering is today the day! 

I don’t know how my life will change with a third baby.  I feel pretty confident about how to take care of a newborn.  But, a newborn, a toddler, and a preschooler all at once?!  Well, we’ll just have to wait (the word of the week!) and see.  I’m ready for the challenges that lie ahead of me and excited for this new adventure for our family. 

But for now, it’s back to waiting…

Nursery Pics:

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