I love summer for its time.


Time to sit and linger over a warm cup of coffee till 10am.
Time to read one more chapter of that book when you should be getting dinner started.
Time for one more episode of that new favorite TV show on Netflix late in the evening.


During the summer I look at the clocks far less. I hardly know what day it is as I enjoy the moment in front of me more. For me, summer makes space. Space for new ideas, new friends, new rhythms.

IMG_9308During summertime my mind wanders and dreams. It eventually makes it’s way down from the clouds (I can write/blog again) and systems eventually kick back into full gear, but it doesn’t return the same.

For when it wanders it learns. It discovers. It creates.

So I’m waving goodbye to late nights and mornings and I’m saying hello to the early mornings before the sun comes up.

But the season doesn’t pass without having discovered something. Something new. Something to carry with me for the rest of the year. I can look back to so many new decisions and new growth patterns having had its roots in the summer season. For it was there, I made space.

This summer I learned about teaching and homeschooling, how to make my own deodorant, and why washing my face with raw honey is oh so much better.

How was your summer? Learn anything new?

Mandy Sig