Filipe and I returned from Seattle last night. We had so much fun! I’ve travelled to many big cities throughout the United States and I just love visiting a new one.

Why Seattle?
Why not Seattle?

Every city is unique, each one offers its own flare and style. Culture, and the way we live, has so much impact on us, often without us realizing. I enjoy seeing the way other people live. It reminds me that not everyone lives the way I do.

The morning of the 8th, we woke up early, dropped Lily off at school, and took the other two kids to Filipe’s parents house. The kids were excited for us to travel as much as we were. A weekend with their grandparents is a big party for them. They barely even looked back to wave good-bye as we drove to the airport. Needless to say, we weren’t all too worried about them.

We arrived in Seattle around noon to partly cloudy, but sunny skies. Not taking the sun for granted we embraced the warmer weather and did as much as we could outdoors.

The first stop- Pike Place Market.

We quickly found a great little lunch spot called Lowell’s.

Great food & a great view on the water w/ snow-capped mountains filling in the background.

Afterward we strolled through the market. We watched cheese curd being made, glanced in at the olive oil tasting rooms, & saw fresh produce galore.

 There were tables and tables of seafood. There was no shortage of fish here!

Our last stop on our way out was, of course, the original Starbucks.

I couldn’t leave without getting a latte from the place it started, and the place that gives me a reliable office space whenever I need.

We left to check-in to our hotel and get a little nap in. This was the view from our window as the sun began to set.


That evening we had dinner reservations at the top of the Space Needle.

The food was incredible (Filipe is still talking about the ribs he had).

The night was perfect!

I told Filipe it was one of the best birthdays I could remember.

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, and enjoying a few of the other sights of Seattle. It rained most of Friday & Saturday, but we didn’t think a trip to Seattle could be planned around the rain. We visited Snoqualmie Falls, spent the afternoon shopping in Bellevue, and indeed, visited three local churches.

Great trip, great memories.

How was your weekend?!