For Harry Potter it’s the longing to know his parents. For Frodo, it’s destroying the ring.

The things we are desperate for and/or called to do give us the courage to rise up and face the unique challenges standing in front of us. Otherwise, why go through the difficulty. Is it even worth it?

  • The relationship feels hopeless.
  • The fundraising goal seems daunting.
  • The orphan needs rescuing.
  • The health goal seems unattainable.

What is that thing just beyond your reach?

But it’s amazing how driven the human will can become. Records are broken and what was seemingly impossible last year becomes the new norm today. That thing they said could never be done suddenly becomes expected by everyone.

Determination moves mountains. It has a way of focusing our attention to look beyond the difficulty and danger, and see the end goal. Determination makes us work harder, risk bigger, and find discipline we never knew we had.

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior you can’t help but be inspired by the dedication and determination of the participants when they attempt Mount Midoriyama- or just try and get there.

But that thing we seek, that thing we are desperate for more than anything is also the very thing that reveals our kryptonite. And like Superman, we can find ourselves weakened in a moment, brought to our knees like a good sucker punch to the gut.

You know what I’m talking about- that old way of thinking, an old belief, the distant memory, that familiar, but unhealthy relationship. It tries to take you out before you make it too far. Before we know what hit us, we are weakened.

I’ve struggled on and off with insecurity over the course of my life. Whether it’s feeling unqualified or untalented, if I’m not careful, I can find myself reeling with self-doubt looking for the quickest way out, tempted to give up on the mission in front of me.

I guess you could call it my kryptonite.

On a bad day I leave myself unprotected and the lies of Satan come straight for the jugular.
On a good day I’m armed with truth and a shield of faith, ready for whatever attack comes my way.

On a bad day I’m passive toward life and take each hit as they come.
On a good day I’m proactive and anticipate the fight I will face.

And while the fight isn’t exactly fun, it’s the fight that pushes me forward. The fight reveals how much it matters and how important the mission is to me.

The mission reveals both our strengths and our weaknesses. But if our weaknesses were never put to the test, our strengths would never be known. So when I sustain another blow, I have a choice. Will I get back up, dust myself off, and keep trying, or will I give up and bow out altogether?

I don’t know what your mission is today or in this season, but I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. If the mission matters, the fight is worth it. Your weaknesses may be revealed, but so will your strengths. If you don’t give up.

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