Life’s not fair.

We may say it, or just think it,
but most of us believe it.
Even if fair is under our control
or it’s not.

We may see it in the family we were born into,
or where we live.

We may feel it in our perception of others,
and compare ourselves to them.

We may experience it at work or on the team,
by never getting the promotion or the position we so dream.

What do we do?
How do we respond?

When life isn’t fair.

Do we run in fear?
Hide our head in shame?
Do we fight for our place?
Or stand up for our rights?

God knows your place,
He created you for a purpose.
He knows how you feel,
and even relates with your pain.

We can’t run from life,
change our situation,
or rewind the past.

We can only press forward,
and look at last.

On the face of Him.
The One who understands.
Don’t you think He knows
just where we’ve been?

He’s been there.
Remember, life wasn’t fair to Him.

In the deepest of pain.
The deepest of suffering.
The King came in obscurity,
came to abolish your sin.

Life may not be fair.
But, then again.
It has been forgiven.
In Christ we are free
to live life once again.

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