Query me. Query my.

To be honest, they’ve scared me.

Back in 2004 a writer interviewed me for her book about twenty-somethingĀ married couples. I graciously answered her questions via email, and at the end casually asked her a couple of questions about the writing industry. She responded with some great tips on how to get started. One of the things she told me to do was to send a “query”.

Now before I go any further, you must understand that at this point in my life, the idea of writing was as serious to me as the idea of hosting an over-the-top dinner party. It sounded fun and classy, but I didn’t really know where this “random idea” would lead. Hosting a dinner party could lead one person to become an professional chef or event planner while a random question about the writing world may lead one to pursue publishing.

I wish I could go back and email that author now because I think the world of her (not that I didn’t then, I just didn’t know then what I know now). If I ever get a chance to connect with her again I at least have a great convo starter. “Hi! You once interviewed me for one of your books, will you endorse mine?!” Okay, okay, I’ll try to be more profesional than that, but we both know that’s really what I would be thinking.

So where was I again? Oh, back to queries.

To be honest when I first saw the word query, I thought, “no way!”. It was intimidating, scary, and it seemed like a great way to set yourself up for rejection. But a lot has changed over the last eight years.

I’ve grown to really love writing, not just the idea of it, and have something in my heart that I’m passionate to write about.

I sent out my first query last week. Something may come of it, something may not. But getting over the fear of it is freeing. Going through the process has been a huge growth step for me. Especially since I’ve worked over a year to get to this point.

Hopefully it won’t be my last.

Here’s to taking a risk. Doing something scary. Something that very well may be rejected.

What could be worse?
Doing nothing.