The Principle of the Path says, direction not intention determines our destination. 

Most of us have dreams.  Dreams of doing or accomplishing something with our lives.  I believe God places those into our hearts.

You may dream of:

  • Having a family
  • Being a CEO
  • Having healthy relationships
  • Owning your own business
  • Adopting a child

But dreaming alone will not fulfill our desires.  If intentions alone is what’s needed, most of us would live satisfying and fulfilling lives.  Sadly, many people settle for mediocrity because we don’t walk on the right path to accomplish our dreams.  Some of us are even walking in the opposite direction- and we wonder why we’re not getting there.

  • To have well-behaved kids, then I have to train them.
  • To have a healthy, thriving marriage, I have to sacrifice and serve my husband.
  • To have a growing relationship with God, I have to worship Him and make time to know Him.

Where’s your path taking you?  Are you heading to your desired destination?

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  • Laura

    I LOVE this book by Andy Stanley. So many great take aways.