Throughout the last month I’ve mentioned:

I’m reading Bonhoeffer

I’ve watched Downton Abbey season 1.

 I’m studying & memorizing the book of James (I completed chapter 1!).

The strangest thing about all three of these things are the way they parallel each other. Last week I kept finding myself relating something I read in Bonhoeffer to something I was studying in James and then seeing the same thing portrayed in Downton Abbey. On our date night a couple Fridays ago, I shared with Filipe all the things I was learning about and kept getting mixed up with where I had read/studied/watched it.

Coincidence? Maybe not.
Interesting? I think so.

Whenever we study Scripture, God sheds light on the things around us. When we’re paying attention and take notice, He will speak to us through many avenues and teach us through them. Engage with the Scriptures, study them, and experience God’s Word working in your life. You don’t have to read Bonhoeffer or watch Downton Abbey to find it. God will speak to you through the things in your life and the things you enjoy doing, reading, and watching. Through your family, friends, co-workers, school, professors, etc.

Just make sure you’re paying attention.


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  • Kendra

    Love when God does that!!