There are learning opportunities all around us, it’s just a matter of us recognizing them. As long as I don’t try and be the expert all the time and act like I know more than I do, and when I’m open to learning from anyone, there’s no shortage of things I learn and grow in.

Some people I learn from:

A Writer: Jeff Goins
An Agent: Rachel Gardner
A Creative: Sarah Cunningham
A Thought Leader: Seth Godin
A Preacher Chick: Christine Caine

Even my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher (sorry she doesn’t have a link).

During our first parent-teacher conference last fall, I sat listening to her explain to Filipe and I the concepts she was implementing in her class- specifically how to tell a story. My first thought was, what great info. I need to apply that to my writing! I realized that day that I could grow in my writing even by applying basic kindergarten principles. It may seem silly, but how many of us remember the basics? (Those of us who aren’t teachers especially.)

Last week Rick Warren tweeted this:

Who are you learning from?


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