Filipe and I just started the video series for Growing Kids God’s Way (finally!). We’re having to watch it on our own since the class at church conflicts with the youth service. Monday night we watched the first video about how to teach morality to your children. They taught how that it’s important to explain “why?” (good & bad) to our children so that they can learn how to think for themselves as they get older. As I’ve been thinking about this throughout the week, I’m amazed at the things I do or don’t do without understanding “why?”.

We often quickly accept what people tell us as truth and don’t ask “WHY?” In the political world, we’re constantly bombarded with other people’s opinions of what direction the country should go. Do we really understand what they are saying? Why would universal health care be better? Why do we need to stay in Iraq? Why doesn’t our country have a balanced budget? Why would I want to pay higher taxes?

I wonder if we, when we answer why, would still make the same decisions we’re making today-decisions for the good or bad. Why do I give? Why do I serve? Why do I invest so much time & energy into the temporary & not the eternal? Why do I get emotionally involved in things that waste my time? Why am I so consumed with me? Why…?

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