Here is something that’s been spinning around in my head this last week:

When it comes to serving others- why do we serve? Do we serve for God or ourselves? Of course the act of “serving” involves doing something for someone else, but what is the motivation behind it? Is it really that we value that “other” or is it to check off our serving quota for the day/week/month?

As a Christian, one of the greatest attributes, I believe, to acquire is humility. But is it really possible to try to be humble? I believe so. I was at a conference last year (Thirsty 07) and heard a message by Francis Chan that completely changed the way I view humility.

To paraphrase the message: Humility is not lowering ourselves or beating ourselves up to be inferior. Humility is just not thinking about ourselves- AT ALL! If our decisions to serve are based on how it makes us feel or how we benefit then isn’t that a little self centered and selfish? Doesn’t that defeat the whole point of serving?

Just a thought…

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