Blogging is going to be one of those things that I’ll have to explain to my kids didn’t always exist.

I’m going to tell them that “back in the old days” we didn’t publicly express our opinions about yesterday’s gossip news, we carried around prints of pictures, and to sell our handmade crafts we went door to door.

And they will ask why we didn’t take more pictures of our food. (Because ain’t nobody had time for that.)

Nowadays, blogging is part of mainstream life. A news opinion here, a leadership lesson there, a recipe to save for later, a DIY project to prep for. We’ve got. it. all.

And it’s free.
And it’s unfiltered.

I learned about blogging more than ten years ago and immediately responded, “no way”. But culture has a way of changing your mind and, thanks to, I found myself starting my very own blog in 2007, a couple of months before my second daughter was due.

I blame the pregnancy hormones.

Throughout the next year my eyes were opened to the world of blogging. And there was loads of information at my fingertips. All day. Every day. And I didn’t have to go to school or a conference to get it.

It was wonderful.

As my passion for writing grew, my passion for blogs and blogging continued to grow.

It was fun.
It was exciting.

It made this stay at home mom feel like she could engage without talking to anyone. (That’s cool, right?) I could read all about what other moms were going through. Finally, someone who could relate! Someone I can compare myself to. (Um, did I say that out loud?!) Onward.

And on the road to blog-discovery, I realized some blogs were cooler than others. Some were more popular. I began to learn the secret code (& I’m not talking CSS here) to gain popularity. (Isn’t that our goal?)

Comment on 50 blogs a day.
Guest post over there.
Giveaway anyone?!

And, if you follow the code precisely (& attend a webinar for the low-price of $89), you will certainly be on your way to fame and fortune.

It makes me want to puke.

Because if that’s what it takes to participate in the blog world, then I’m out. Because I can’t do it. It’s not me. And I’m sorry for the few times I flirted with the temptation to try.

It’s so unbecoming.

When it comes to blogging, there are just some places this blogger won’t go. (And it doesn’t mean you can’t either. It just doesn’t bode well with my personality; my ego can’t handle it.)

I blog because I love writing. I blog because it gives little ole me a place to share my heart, my life, and the things I’m learning. You’re welcome to read along. But please don’t compare yourself to me. And please don’t let my life make you feel any less about yours. If you’ve ever felt that way then please stop. Don’t read any more. 

I read blogs that add value to my life. I follow those I admire and want to learn from.

There are no tricks of gimmicks around here. I’m not here touting my life in hopes of bigger and brighter things ahead. Do I have dreams and goals? You bet. But as far as this blog goes, I’m not participating in any schemes to gain followers and fame. I’m just here to be real and open. 

Just felt like I needed to clarify.




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