Having grown up in the church, I have heard all of my life about the importance of reading and studying the Bible. As a child, I heard all the Bible stories and can probably tell you where the important ones are. I love God dearly and strive to know Him more and more by developing the discipline to read & study Scripture.

But there’s something that’s been kinda disturbing that I’ve realized recently. For most of my life people have only focused on teaching why I should read the Bible. Countless times I’ve heard pastors and teachers say how important it is to spend time in the Word. Time after time I’ve sat down with my Bible determined to find something that jumps off the page and into my heart- but usually it ended in frustration 15 minutes later and I realize I got no where. “What is the deal?” “What is wrong with me?” I would ask myself, I could never seem to get it right.
Recently I came across a book called, Bible Study Methods by Rick Warren. In this book, Rick outlines 12 different ways to study the Bible. This has been so exciting for me. Why? Because he’s not telling me 12 reasons WHY I should study the Bible, he’s telling me HOW I should study the Bible. There’s a HUGE difference. I’m so excited to finally have direction in my Bible study time and really learn how to dig deep into the Word for myself.

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