Something I’ve always enjoyed is working out.  I’m not a big runner, but to get in a gym or participate in a sport is always fun for me.  I was voted “most athletic girl” in high school, and even though I wasn’t the best by any means, I was always involved in a sport.  My junior year I was a cheerleader, on the volleyball and soccer team. 

Being a mom with small kids at home makes it a little more difficult to find time to do things that don’t require you to wake up at 5 am (cuz it just won’t happen).

So about a year ago now I bought a set of workout DVDs called P90X.  I liked the variety and the intensity that came with it and so I got started.  I got about two weeks into the workouts when I discovered I was pregnant.  I kept at it a few more times, but with the fatigue and being nauseous in the 1st trimester, I just couldn’t keep it up.  

But, now there’s no excuse.  It’s been 10 weeks since Efraim was born and so here I go again.  This time I’m going ALL the way (nutrition plan included) to lose the rest of the baby weight and to get back in good shape. 

Yesterday I went shopping at Costco and bought over $100 worth of meat and seafood- Filipe likes that part of it!  He is working out with me to.  We do it when all the kids go to bed at 8pm, so it’s something fun for us to do together.  We’re basically just sacrificing our tv/downtime, and I can’t say I’ve missed it too much.  Plus we can watch 24 online and not miss it.

So, if it’s a little quiet around the blog I’m probably working out or trying to find some more protein to eat. 😉 

2 days down, only 88 more to go.

Keep you posted on our progress.

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