Thoughts on a page often look different than what you saw in your mind.
Memories sound different on paper than the replay you hear over and over again in your head.

What you thought was neat and tidy can suddenly become sloppy and messy. Whether recalling a memory or describing a feeling, something changes when it’s transformed into words.

Truth can seem fuzzy.
Insecurity will draw attention
Confusion drowns out any hope for clarity.

Before you know it you questioned if you even lived it at all.

Was that really me standing there?
Am I believing a lie?

Is that really what I believe?
Or am I just quoting the last guy.

Did we grow and change while our memory stayed the same?
Or do we just fool ourselves into thinking it was better than we the memory that was made?

Seeing the words on a page is an exercise in truth.
When you commit thoughts to words your entire view can change.

It’s changed me, it’s helped me understand.
It’s given hope in the dark, and brought peace to my soul.

Writing may seem easy, it sounds easy to me.
But more often than not, it feels like a wrestling match.
And I haven’t won very much.
While it can feel like a beat down, I keep getting back up.

And each time I do,
God makes his voice clearer and reveals the truth a little more too.

It’s why I love it so.