Back in June I had the opportunity to write an article for an online magazine on the subject of fasting. I was thrilled to write it because I’ve had numerous experiences with fasting. Of course, as often happens throughout the writing process, I was overcome with the feeling of, why in the world am I writing this. I felt completely inadequate and in over my head. But I forged ahead and just began typing. It wasn’t an easy thing to write, but I enjoy the process immensely.

If you’d like to read it or want to save it for future fasting-related topics, you can click here .(It’s on page 81 of the current Summer Issue) I also got to work on my interviewing skills and had the chance to interview a gospel singer (it precedes the article above).

Fun stuff.

Oh, and no I didn’t forget about the giveaway. Okay, maybe I almost did, but that’s why I don’t do giveaways often (or at all?!). Well, Emily Camera, Everything is yours. Enjoy it and I’ll be praying for you that Jesus will be your Everything. Congrats.