I’m having my own personal writing marathon this month.

This week wasn’t as crazy as week #1, but it has had its challenges. It wasn’t always easy to find the time I planned for, but that’s somewhat expected given my current season of life. If only I could operate on about five hours of sleep life would be so much easier. grin.

The most difficult thing for me this week is that I was/am writing on something that isn’t easy to write about. It’s emotional, it’s complicated and it has a lot of details to sort out. It’s funny how you can picture something in your mind, but when you try and describe it, it gets jumbled and messy. Distinguishing fact from feelings isn’t always easy.

Because of all of that, I had to alter my course slightly. This week I focused on finishing small bits of the overall topic I was writing on. Some nights I only wrote three or four paragraphs, but those paragraphs were tough. This helped me focus on the details of each section rather than brushing over them and missing key components of the overall story. It helped so much, and while I’m still working on this section, I’m moving forward.

My goal for next week is to finish this section and move on to some of the more free flowing sections ahead.