I’m finishing up the last week of my writing marathon this week.

The biggest thing that happened this week is a slight change of direction in how I’m writing (change of tense and style). It’s not huge (ok the writing part is huge, but the storyline is the same), but I did have to just stop and think for a day or two about it. I spent last night writing in the new tense, and while part of it felt discouraging, it was more for lack of time than ideas.

My big conclusion out of all of this is the TIME factor. Time really and truly is what holds me back. The two hours here and there barely make a dent, and it’s hard to gain traction. I can see the end (finally), but it feels like it’s just beyond my grasp.

If all of this is coming from God, and I believe it is, then He knows the timing and He sees the process. As frustrating as it can be for me, I’m learning a lot through it, and while it is so hard sometimes, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

These things can’t be too easy, right?!