We’ve been traveling a lot this month.  By a lot, I mean we took our family of five on two trips within a two week span- and that’s a lot for three kids ages 4, 3, & 1.  It’s easy when you’re traveling to compare where you live with the place you don’t.  This time I was struck by how much I’ve been influenced by the Bay area way of life- especially since one of our trips was to Southern California.  Same state, but totally different place.  Here’s a short list of the things I’ve noticed lately.

You know you’ve been in the Bay area for a while when…


Avocados are a staple in your diet.
As is hummus, greek yogurt, and Naked juice.


When you ask your kids if they wanna go out for ice cream, they say, “No, frozen yogurt!”.

You are appalled when a restaurant serves your food on a styrofoam plate.
(This happened in LA & Orange County.)


This is normal.

Those are just a few things.  As I was writing this I began thinking of so many more things that have creeped into our lives that never used to be there.  That’s the beauty of new places and different cultures- things are different.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some, just different.  I must say, that I have grown to love the differences in the Bay area and that we now call it home.