These words are engraved on the inside of our wedding bands.  It means love & passion (in Portuguese).

We want these two words to reflect our marriage.

There is a love we can have for someone that is not based on feeling, but on our commitment to one another.  When I think of this kind of love, I immediately think of I Corinthians 13, the love chapter in the Bible.  It’s the kind of love we want our marriage to be built on.  No matter what we are going through, we are committed to love and serve one another- even when it’s difficult, even when it doesn’t necessarily feel good at the time.

Passion can be defined as, “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”.

We also believe in the feelings of love, or being “in love”.  It’s that thing that drew you to one another in the first place.  We don’t believe that it’s just a “hook”, but something that can grow and be nurtured throughout your lifetime.  God created us as emotional beings, and we don’t think our feelings for one another should dwindle, but grow passionately throughout a marriage.

We don’t want the most passionate time in our marriage to be our honeymoon.  Just like wine, “it gets better with age”!  It’s not always easy, and often takes the back seat in many marriages, but we believe it’s vital to a healthy, lasting relationship.

Filipe and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary last Tuesday (April 5th).  A lot has changed in eight years.  We’ve lived in 6 different houses (or apts.) in two states, owned 7 vehicles (not at the same time), and added three kids to our family.

But most importantly we’ve grown in our love and passion for one another.

Thanks Filipe for these last eight amazing years.  The best is yet to come.

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