How things work. It’s what I wonder.

How a two year old understands love.
How my daughter learns to read.

How do we learn the intangible?
Concepts. How are they taught?

If only I knew the formula, I could make them understand.
But I can’t make them.

They grow. They mature.
They learn the way God has created us to.

And then one day.
One glorious day.
They get it.

They say, “I love you.”
They start reading.
They take initiative to serve.

It’s part of life.
Part of growing.

How it works I’ll never fully understand.
It’s simply one of the wonders of creation and how God created us.

I can’t force.
I can’t control.
I can only model.

It’s frustrating in moments, but when they grasp life in how God intended and how God created us, it’s beautiful.

Five Minute Friday

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