Oh how I just love reading Andy Andrew’s book’s!  He is an amazing storyteller, and his stories ooze wisdom and insight into the human soul.

The Final Summit is a story about a man named David Ponder with a seemingly unsurmountable task.  To save humanity.  How?  The answer lies in two words, and with only five tries time is running out!  With some of history’s finest by his side, David leads the way in finding the solution, and giving all of humanity what it needs most.  Battling fear and finding a way where it seems impossible , this book is riveting capturing your heart, mind, and soul.  Through it you will be inspired and challenged in how you live, think, and embrace your calling.

This book is such a page-turner, I read it in one day (5 hours to be exact!).  I just couldn’t put it down.  Andy writes with such ease yet it’s so captivating.  The simplest things become so profound, and have the potential to alter the course of someone’s life.

I’ve been challenged in my owns fear, pride, greed, and insecurities in a new way.  This book brings to life some of history’s greatest stories that I can’t wait to read more about.  (I don’t want to tell who they are since its one of the most exciting parts of the book!)  As much as I think I know about history, there’s so many stories that go untold in entirety or completely unnoticed.  This book has given me a new appreciation for those who have gone before us and to learn from their lives.

One of my favorite lines:

“I believe that wisdom, when harnessed over time, leads ordinary people in incredible directions.  Long before their hands or voices produce greatness, wisdom shapes their minds and hearts.”

This book is a must-read!  Get yours today.

I received this book free through the Booksneeze program in return for an honest review.  I am so grateful for the opportunity.  Thank you, Booksneeze! 
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